How it Works?

We bring our love and skills together to build a Custom Online Store for you and all great things take a little longer time to come live. Yet we try to streamline the process in 6 simple steps and build a store that resonates with your brand.

Select your
Talk to our team and choose the Kitecommerce plan best suited for your business.
Select your Store
After learning your preferences and brainstorming the best ideas for you. We create two custom designs for your online store. You select the one that represents your brand most precisely and we move ahead with development.
Sign Sales Agreements
We have Sales Agreement in place. It includes Terms & Conditions of the Agreements. It protects both of us. We do need your KYC in order to complete this Process.

Hope you understand how we works, No? Don't Worry?

We strive to develop your store faster than standard development cycles while maintaining the most transparency in the process. Monitor the development progress of your store directly from your Kitecommerce dashboard. Refer to your eCommerce executive for any discrepancies in the process.
Quality Assurance,
Now your store goes through our dedicated testing department for any bug issues in the development and solves the same beforehand. We deliver an optimum eCommerce solution for your Business.
It’s the launch time now; We share the store credentials with you and launch the store online. We also take care of the store hosting for you.

We believe in Transparency and that's our cultural belief.
Ready to Fly Your Business.

Powerful eCommerce
Solution Provider

We are here to provide powerful eCommerce Solution. We want to be your Business partner. We will just ensures you can carry operation other than Technoloy or Website Involved. We will take care of it for you. You just do strategic decision making.

Support and Services is the key for any business. It will keep you ahead of Competition and this is what we wanted.

Your Business Deserves to Fly.

Think of eCommerce, Think of KiteCommerce.

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Hosting (Optional)

You can purchase hosting from us OR take from your preferred hosting provider. Full source code authorization is yours.


Greater Uptime & Speed

We optimize your website to ensure that it loads much faster. Faster website has highest conversion rates.


Highly Secured Website

Secure website is priority for you as well as for your Customer. We configure SSL in eCommerce Website.


FREE Support

Kitecommerce offers FREE 12 Months support in the existing functionality.


A-Z eCommerce Solution

We definitely know how Website works. We have designed the website taking care of all your need. If you need tech/backend support, we are ready to provide you resources.


Dedicated eCommerce Executives

eCommerce Executive ensures that your website will be upto Date. Whether it is Banners, promotional Offers, Price, Stock update etc. They will take of this for you.


Customizations - Scale your Business Logic

Easily request for any add-on customizations to your store. You can easily integrate your business logic to the Solution. No limit of customizations or Feature enhancement



We provide Phone, Chat, Documentation, Training, Support ticket. So many ways you can just raise your ticket and we will try to attend it asap.

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