Fashion & Apparel

Fashion/Apparel business is one of the Trending business now a days with increasing demand all over the World. Shortly coming up with the service in Sales of your Products. Online Store is mandatory for it.


Tailored Fashion eCommerce Solutions That Befit Your Brand

We have 2 Options for you. Choose Ready made theme which is cost effective Solutions OR create your own brand with unique and Personalized design to your luxury eCommerce success. Our cutting-edge fashion commerce solutions bring a magical aura by producing amazing shopping experiences around your customers. We do provide Virtual Measurement Module to enable you to get measurement for the customers.

Fashion Business Statistics across World

Revenue in the Apparel Section amount to US$9,931m in 2019. The sector has increased by 21% within the past 3 years. It predicts the best-performing segment & fast-growing in the Asia-Pacific economies. The expected annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 21.1%, resulting in a market volume of US$21,364m by 2023.

  • 70%Increase in transactions

  • 75%Increase in revenue

  • 80%Increase in site visits

Your Business must have Online Presence to Survive in Future.
Get Ready to Fly your Business.

Choose Readymade Design for Your Store

Differentiate Your Brand With Cutting-Edge Commerce Features.

kitecommerce delivers you the best experience and personalization in the Fashion and Apparel industry. The Fashion and Apparel industry provides the right features which represent your brand personality. We found many features that help you in integration, engagement, and loyalty.


Personalization of the entire shopping experience allows retailers to get closer to the consumers and give chance to personalize product as per their choices. Virtual Measurement module is included in your eCommerce store.

Size Engine

The most accurate measurement could boost online clothes shopping, Size recommendation for all fashion and apparel stores.

Stylish Panel

kitecommerce, the eCommerce solution comes with the feature of having an online stylish panel which can attract your customers as well as encourage your prospective customers.

Rich Media Interface

Retailers use rich media to put compelling all product details at a fashion store and deliver a unique brand experience to their customers.

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