Magento2 accommodate nearly all store owners need. It has introduced for the first time 6 Types of products with their specific purposes. 2 Popular Product types are Simple and Configurable.

  1. Simple Products
  2. Configurable Products
  3. Grouped Products
  4. Bundle Products
  5. Virtual Products
  6. Downloadable Products

Let's understand when to use above all products types.

Simple Products

The product is simple products which does not have any configuration attached. The customer choose the product and directly add it to the cart.

For example, you have all the information related to this and has to purchase as is provided. You cannot configure here based on your need like Color or Features based.

When you have such a need, use Simple Products. It's easiest and most popular product type.

Configurable Products

This products allows customer configuration that is why it is called Configurable products. The customer choose the product configuration like Color, Size or 500 Grams, 1 KG etc. So customer can choose as per their requirement.

Technically it is multiple simple products and hence when creating configurable products, 1st Simple products are created and then on the top of that Configurable product will be created.

For example, We have Kurties, it comes in variety of colors. Here in our Example, it comes with Red, Yellow, Black and Size could be X, XL, XXL. So technically it will create (3 x 3) + 1 = 10 Products. Here 9 is created as simple product and 1 is the configurable product which combined all of them into 1. So for customer it is single product but for Store owner it is each Simple product that customer purchase.

Let me share a beauty about Configurable Products,

  1. You can assign stock per color and size.
  2. You can assign different price per color and size
  3. You can in stock/out of stock product based on Color, Size.
  4. You can enable customer to choose your product color, size from product listing. It means, customer can find your products which has color and size assigned to this. Here refers to Product Filters.

Grouped Products

This is one of the popular products for furniture industry. When you want to sale products in the group. For Example, we can sale Dinner Set, Dining Set which includes Table, Chair in a product. Hope you can visualize what we mean.

You can let the customer purchase this as 1 product as well as in Group too.

Bundle Products

Similar to Grouped products, here we can sell the product in bundle. The most popular example of such product is Assembled Computer.

When you are assembling a computer, you will choose as the following.

Processor : Intel OR AMD

OS : Windows or Linux

HardDisk : WD or Segate

If you have such requirement that is for 1 Configuration you have multiple option customer can choose from, you can use this product types.

Virtual Products

As the name suggests, it is not tangible but intangible products. We can consider Warranty, Gift Card etc to be a part of this type of product. This product does not need shipment. They are just facilitate product that we are selling or availing a discount.

Downloadable Products

This product generally used when you are selling software, PDFs, EXE file which does not need to be shipped and customer can download the purchased products directly once the payment is received from their customer dashboard. This product also does not require shipping as it is received from customer dashboard.