To Attract a customer we must have different kind of pricing per product. We are discussing the pricing strategy offered by Magento2.

Regular Price

This is the regular or normal price of the customers. Let's take an example of Product A is of Price Rs. 100.

Special Price

Special price works as discounted price. Here you have facility to keep discounted price for life time or for period of time. As per our example, Rs. 90 for Product A.

Group Price

You always have different type of customers. Your loyal Customers, wholesalers, resellers etc. You can't give the product at the same price for all. You have to give more discount based on the customer. With this type of price, you can set pricing per customer group that is retailers, wholesalers, vip customers etc.

Tier Price

Another interesting pricing type is Tier Price. it is used when you want to sell in bulk. For Example, Take a soap 1 for Rs. 10. But if you purchase 5 at a time, you will get it at Rs. 9 per Soap. You can offer such a deal to customer using Tier price.

Stock Clearance Price

you might come across dead stock which you need to clear at say 50% discounted price. Yes, it is possible here. Magento2 provide stock clearance price which allows you to give bulk discount to your selected products.