Steps to Import Product Images

         Step 1 : Upload Product Images to Server

    • Put all product images in the Single Folder.
    • Use unique name or name based on the SKU for the image. Like sku_1, sku_2 etc.
    • Upload the images using FTP client (Filezilla) to "pub/media/import/images/" folder.
    • Import script will read images from above path to import in the Store.

          Step 2 : Get Sample CSV File

    • Go to "Admin -> Catalog -> Import Product Images" page.
    • Click on the "Download CSV Format" button.
    • Save the file at your Desktop.

          Step 3 : Fill CSV File

    • Open the downloaded CSV file which is downloaded from Step2.
    • Don't touch or change any column.
    • Remove all data except the line 1 which is header of the file.
    • Enter Product SKU in Column1. It is the product code. SKU = unique identifier of the product.
    • You can import max 5 images at a time.
    • Make sure you have used "/" before image name.
    • Image name should match with what you have uploaded on the server in Step1.
  •    Step 4 : Upload CSV file to Import

    • Go to "Admin -> Catalog -> Import Product Images" Page.
    • Click on "Browse" button on the page.
    • Upload new file you have created in Step3.
    • Click on Upload CSV file.
  •    Step 5 : Import Product Images

    • Go to "Admin -> Catalog -> Import Product Images" Page.
    • Select newly uploaded CSV from Dropdown.
    • Click on "Import" Button.
    • It will start importing product images.
    • It will first validate the CSV file.
    • If the CSV file is valid, it will import product one by one.
    • Remove Old Images : Only check this if you want to remove existing product images from the one present in the website.