What is Attributes?

In Magento2, Everything is saved in terms of Attributes. Whether it is product name, price, description etc. All are the part of the attributes.

Attributes are used to integrate all type of product information for your customers. Whether you want to show Color, Size, Quick Overview, Complete Description, Pricing etc. You can setup Attributes as per your requirements.

For Super Stores, you can create product_weight as the attribute which allows you to store product like 500 Gms, 1 KG, 5 KG etc.

For Fashion Store, We have Color, Size etc, Washing Instruction is one of the example.

For Electronic Store : Mobile Phone selling store. Processor, Battery, Color etc.

For Baby Store : Diaper to be of 0-9 Months, 9-18 Months, 2 Year - 5 Year etc.

So you can consider Attributes is everywhere whichever is your need. So you need to understand how to create attributes. We will cover this in next article.

What is Attribute Set  and Why it is Needed?

Attribute set is the group of different attributes with the same nature.

If it is group of attributes then why do we need different attribute set then why we are discussing, right.

As Magento2 is scalable solution, it always thinks out of the box and here is why multiple attribute set is needed.

Fashion Store : Let's consider Saree, You may need Color but not size. If you are creating a product for Kurti, you will need Color and Size both.

Baby Store : Let's Consider, Diaper varies in different sizes where you may need to add age information which is not required for Fashion Store.

If you see above 2 examples, each store has different need and different set of attributes and attribute values. What if you are selling Clothes, Baby Products etc. How can you cover your products here.

For Baby Store, it is Irrelevant to store color. If we have single attribute, we have to fill all the value for a product which is not required. Hence Attribute set came into the existence.

Create Attribute set based on your product requirement or category. So you should fill only those attributes which is required for that product.

Hope this clears why we should use Attribute Set.