With the exponential development in the online industry, it was nothing unexpected that the e-commerce business in India encountered a comparable lift. Expanding paces of the Internet helps to increase the share of this sector with the retail markets. This has created a strong foundation for e-commerce in India. Strategies from the government had reinforced the market further.

A consistent inflow of private value and funding empowered innovation intended to address nearby issues. At the moment, some e-commerce businesses had easily discovered a fortress in specialty markets of the need of people, turning out to be commonly recognized names.

Furthermore, the report from the industry stated that cash on delivery option has been beneficial for the industry. This strategy has been successful in gaining the trust of customers and thereby retaining them. Thus, online orders are on the rise and will set to rise more even in the future. Other factors that helped this industry to get boost were the offers that were given to the customers, on-time delivery, and much more.


Challenges -

There's no denying Indian e-commerce business that has great potential. Everyone can do online business but it's not easy. This is the reason why most of them fail to do so. We have to do business according to the behavior of the people. Challenges include -

  1. The poor legal system in India. In India, the provider has to face many issues to start the company. Sometimes, product delivery restrictions are also there.
  2. Delivery time is usually 3-7 days for an e-commerce product. But if you buy from the nearest shop of your home, it will give you on the same day. The e-commerce business will stay forever where logistics and infrastructure is good. Poor inventory system, inefficient transport, and absence of good foundation represent a genuine risk to online business development in India.


  1. Extra assistance offered by the physical vendor or sales adds value to the customer rep like boating about the item, helping in taking a correct choice about the item by giving legitimate decisions. Indian customers love to make choices dependent on the results by a specialist and execute in a helped model.
  2. Accessibility of financing plans like Easy EMI with 0% at the stores like chroma, e-zone, and so forth. Every one of these plans is quite powerful and prepared without any problem.
  3. Indian people are more converted via talking instead of clicking. So all of us need a number to call and get the information about the product.
  4. In India, every other day e-commerce business is growing and it is getting progressively hard for the big players in the industry to keep up their predominance. Boutique and specialty-based e-commerce business organizations are representing a genuine risk to the already established businesses. Nowadays, funding is available easily with a good idea.
  5. A serious issue is when at least one customer publishes negative reviews about the product. Barely any photos and a story around the poor experience shared via social media can take a colossal organization on its back-foot.

    These challenges are heavily faced by the e-commerce business and thus it is very complicated in India. If these challenges are solved properly, no one can stop them from earning profits.