Planning to open an online fashion store in India and don’t know where to start? The most obvious questions that can come into your mind are:

“How to create an online shop in India?”

“What features need to be included while creating an e-commerce store?”

“While running an online business in India, what would look more appealing to the visitors?”

An e-commerce store development can be a bit challenging; as you have to make sure that your website stands out from the competitors. So, let’s dive into some points that you can incorporate and make your e-commerce website look thriving!

1. Choose a Personalized website Design that describes your brand

Selecting a beautiful and professional design is one of the basic requirements in the development of an online eCommerce store. Check and test enough number of designs and select what will work the best for your online business OR Take the help of professional consult like KiteCommerce!



2. Integrate your products into the design of the website

Make sure that your products, content and website design create tuneful output. Pay close attention to the fonts, layout, colors, graphics, and animations used while the development of your online business. Here UI/UX design patterns comes into Real life. We can discuss more about this later.



3. Customize your website

While you are planning to run an online fashion business in India, you need to customize your website by keeping the following things in mind so that your customers can have a seamless online shopping experience.
- VIDEOS of products (Optional)



4. Showcase your Social Media

This is a good strategy to gain visibility both on your online e-commerce store and your social media accounts. It also lets the users know that your brand is active on different platforms. Social Media will be Game changer here. Only Website is not enough if customer don't know that you exist.


"Personalized eCommerce Store design is the Key to your Online Business.


5. Include multiple payment options

While shopping from an online business in India, users generally like to have the option to pay through different platforms. Include options of paying through debit cards, credit cards, and popular payment wallets, while creating your eCommerce website. COD - Cash On Delivery is widely used Payment method for Customers in India.




6. Make your contact information visible

A crucial thing to consider in the development of an eCommerce store is making your contact information visible to the visitors. Include online chat box, contact number, email address and location to make your eCommerce website’s credibility strong.




7. Include a Blog:

While creating your eCommerce store, including a blog that creates value for the visitors and gives them updates about the latest trends will help your online business gain much popularity and will serve as a reason to visit it frequently. One of the best and long term marketing strategy.






8. Specify the return policy:

While building an online eCommerce fashion website, it is very important to have a clear and precise returns policy. This will show that there is a security to return or exchange the products if the customers do not like them.




9. Make your website mobile-friendly

Today, 97% of internet users shop for products through mobiles. Thus, it is inevitable that your e-commerce website is mobile-friendly. Develop your online store’s mobile view in a simple and responsive manner with ease of navigation.



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